Steamed Buns with Mushrooms and Tofu

Steamed Buns with Mushrooms and Tofu

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25g Steamed Bun | 250g bag | Pack of 10

Light and fluffy plain soft steamed buns filled with a delicious mix of Oyster & Shitake mushrooms, spring onion, cabbage, glass noodles which all make for a delicate blended flavour profile.

Serving Suggestions

Simply serve as they are for a delicious main choice with a dip of your choice
These fluffy buns make a fantastic addition to any party. Why not cook them and serve alongside our delicious sweet & sour money bags or parcels for an eclectic Asian street food party.

Serve alongside crushed avocado, a few fresh coriander leaves, a drizzle of mayo and a squeeze of lime, then finish with black sesame seeds and fresh red chilli.

Cooking Instructions

Cook from frozen

Place the steamed bun’s onto a microwavable plate & cover with either a lid or clingfilm & heat for approx 1 minute.


Add a little water into your pot, place some parchment paper into the steamer and put the Steamed Buns in, cover with lid and let the water gently boil. Steam for approx. 5-8 minutes.
Remove steamer from heat & carefully remove the steamed buns.

Eat whilst warm.

(Always be careful of hot steam when removing steamed buns)